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Magical Christmas Cards
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Magical Christmas Cards<br/>with 1 tap

Privacy Policy

I, Samir Shaker, the developer of Twinkly app, care about your privacy very much. That’s why I took particular care in not collecting any personal data from you without your explicit consent. When you send me an email via the app, some technical information about your device and sometimes a screenshot are pre-filled in the e-mail template. This info is clearly visible and you can erase any or all of it before you send the e-mail. However, keeping them will help me help you better. Nobody other than me has access to those emails, and I only use that information to answer your questions better. In addition, the app uses 3rd party developer libraries from Facebook and Twitter. These are only used when you share photos via those social networks from inside the app. I never collect any data from them, but they might collect some data from some of your activity in the app, something I have no control over. I took special care into disabling any automatic data collection these social networks do in the app, but since I don’t have complete control over them, I can’t guarantee how well they comply with that. You can view Facebook’s privacy policy here and Twitter’s privacy policy here If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or anything regarding the app, feel free to contact me at

Effective: October 12, 2018